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Does it hurt when you first have sex?

Question in full: does it hurt when you first have sex?
It doesn't have to hurt when you first have sex if you take it slowly, spending lots of time on 'foreplay' (kissing and cuddling) and if your partner listens to you and waits till you feel ready. Boys can get an erection in a matter of seconds, but girls' biology is different and they need time, up to 20 minutes, for their vagina to be really ready for penetration. The vagina produces lots of fluid to lubricate it ready for sex, but it doesn't do it instantly. Sometimes boys rush things, so you have to give them instructions and tell them to wait a few minutes. If it's your first time for sex your hymen will break (it's the very thin piece of skin which partly covers your vagina opening), which can feel a little bit sore and bleed a little, but again, if your vagina feels wet and 'ready', it'll be much more comfortable. Before you even think about having sex you must sort out some contraception and get to know the boy really well, so you know you can trust him and he'll respect you. Lots of girls regret their first sexual experience and wish they'd waited, so take your time, you've your whole life ahead of you.