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Damage from drinking every night

Question in full: If a 14 year old drank every single night of the October holidays how much damage would it do?
Dear 'If a 14 year old drank every single night......'This is not a course of action I would recommend! The problem is that if people drink too much alcohol, they put themselves at risk of all sorts of illnesses, ranging from heart disease, to fits, stomach ulcers, impotence (being unable to get an erection) and cancer. Furthermore, when people are drunk, then can also get into all sorts of scrapes – Accident and Emergency departments are filled with people who have had too much to drink, and who are having broken bones fixed, cuts stitched up, and so on. And in excess, alcohol can even be lethal. The recommended upper limit for adult men is 21 units a week, and for adult women 14 units a week. A unit is a small glass of wine, or a half a pint of ordinary beer. As an example, a pint of Fosters contains 2 units, a pint of Stella Artois 3 units, and an alcopop (such as Smirnoff Ice) around 1.5 units. However, the safe limits for a 14 year old will be lower than this, and you will be more sensitive to the harmful effects of alcohol. It is worth pointing out that the Chief Medical Officer (the government’s chief doctor) said last year that parents should not let their children drink alcohol at all. How much “damage” drinking every night of the holidays might do will, of course, depend to an extent on how much was drunk. If you are going to drink alcohol (and you would be better of not!), then you should really limit the amount to a unit or two a day. Binge-drinking (when people drink excessively) is especially damaging to your health. Finally, remember that it is illegal for anyone under the age of 18 to buy alcohol in the UK. I can’t help feeling that there must be some other safer – and healthier – things you could do this October holidays!