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Contraception and sex

Question in full: Hi, I've noticed you said if you have unprotected sex, you need to get some form of contraception from your doctor? But isn't it to late because you've already had sex? Do you mean by contraception after you've had sex, the pill? And also if you've had sex, and you need contraception right away, how would you get that from your doctor? Because you have to book an appiontment, and by then it might be to late. Is there any way of getting the contraception not in person?. . . Because I would probally feel a bit uncomfortable about talking about it to anyone in person. What are family planning clinnics and where would you find them? Can you give me more info on them please? Where would you get comdoms from? But are they uncomfortable? And does sex hurt? Sorry for all the questions, but thanks.
Dear 'worried about contraception', If you have had unprotected sex and you don't want a baby (which I presume is the case) you should get some contraception. There is a thing called the 'morning after pill' which is an emergency form of contraception that you can get up to 72 hours after having unprotected sex. You can get it from the GP, family planning clinics and also from Emergency Departments in hospitals. If you phone your GP first thing in the morning you should be able to get an appointment that same day (most GP's run this service). It is not advisable to get the contraception not in person. all medicines have side effects (albeit often very small) and it is important that the right drug is given to the right person. Otherwise you might put yourself at risk of other problems. A list of our local family planning clinics should be availabel from the receptionist at your GP but also you could look on-line