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Can't pull penis skin back

Question in full: my penis skin woulnt pull back . i v been to the doctors but they just gave me a cream but im scared to go back
Dear “my penis skin”. The medical name for not being able to pull back (or retract) the foreskin is phimosis. It is very common, especially when you are younger. Over half of 6 to 9 year olds will be unable to fully retract their foreskin. The good news is that most get better over time: by the age of 17, 95% of boys will have a retractable foreskin. So, without knowing how old you are, it may be OK simply to wait. However, if your doctor has given you some cream (a steroid, I would imagine), then they would have had a reason for doing so (phimosis can sometimes cause problems, such as infections of the skin of the end of the penis, and very occasionally a small operation (circumcision) to remove the foreskin is necessary). If the cream has not had any effect (and you need to make sure you have been using it as it says on the tube) then you should go back to your doctor. You certainly should not be scared, or even embarrassed - doctors see these sorts of things all the time! It may be that you need a different cream, or simply a bit more time. Go and get some more advice.