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Can you get pregnant if you are bulimic?

Question in full: can u get pregnant if you suffer with bulimia
Dear 'can you get pregnant if you suffer with bulimia'. Yes, you most definitely can. Bulimia can lead to excessive weight loss, and this can then cause you to have irregular periods, or even cause your periods to stop entirely, but it does not mean you can't get pregnant. In fact, if your periods are irregular, then it may take longer for you to realise that you are pregnant, possibly causing more problems than if you had found out sooner. If you are having sex at all it is extremely important that you are using contraception, and that you are using it effectively. If you are taking the pill, but you are making yourself sick, then the pill will not work, and you will need to use condoms as well. It would be a good idea for you to talk to your doctor about birth control and about your eating disorder, as these are both areas that your doctor can help with.