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Can I get pregnant after period?

Question in full: can i get pregnant if you have sex immediately after your peroid
There is no time at which you can safely have sex and be certain you can't get pregnant. Certainly there are times in your cycle when you are more likely to get pregnant. People who are trying for a baby try to have sex at around the mid-point, about 2 weeks before your period; this is the time at which an egg is released. The rhythm method is a method of contraception which relies on avoiding these fertile times. But everbody's cycle is different, and it is not necessarily the same every month even for a single person. Add that to the fact that sperm can survive inside you for a few days, and there is no totally 'safe' time to have sex. People can even get pregnant if they have sex during a period. About 1 in 10 people using the rhythm method fall pregnant accidentally. The only safe way to avoid pregnancy is to use contraception (and even this is never quite 100% reliable), and using a barrier method such as condoms will also protect you from sexually transmitted infections.