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Being asked to have sex

Question in full: A lot of people are worried about people asking them to have sex at a young age. . ive been asked a few times and i dont know what 2 do, any help?
You are way too young to be having sex at 12. The average age people start having sex is about 16.5, so you've got years to go yet. Boys are probably just 'testing the water' and trying to sound more grown up than they actually are. But don't fall for it. I don't know any 12 years olds having sex and I would be really worried if you felt under pressure to do that. Some 12 year olds might start to enjoy hanging out with boys or girls, and they might even try kissing, but you should never feel under pressure to have sex. If an older adult or a stranger ever asks you to have sex then something is really wrong and you should tell someone you trust.