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Am I an alcoholic?

Question in full: i drink alcahol every weekend and sometimes on weekdays. If i dont drink on the weekends then i get verry depressed and down in the dumps. Am i an alcaholic ?.
You're not an alcoholic but I'm worried you're drinking quite regularly and you're only 14. You say you get depressed if you don't drink. Maybe you are feeling a bit down in general and alcohol helps you forget your troubles. It's very normal for teenagers' moods to go up and down but it would be really good to give your body a break from alcohol. Can you have 2 weeks with no booze, try and get some exercise and eat well and see how you get on? If you do still feel a bit depressed your doctor or school nurse can help you, because using alcohol as a 'sticking plaster' to feel better won't work longterm. You'll find you need more and more alcohol to get the same happy mood and we know that it's not good for your body to drink alcohol as a young person. Give it a try. You can get help and info from which is a website specially for young people about alcohol and drugs.