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Cross section of the female reproductive system with the ovaries labelled
Illustration of the female reproductive system.
Ovaries are the part of the female human body that produces the ova (eggs) which, when fertilized by the male sperm - grow up into babies and then adults. They measure about 3cms by 1.5 cms by 1.5 cms in the adult female human body. They are found in the female pelvis. They are not actually attached to the fallopian tubes which carry the eggs down into the uterus but they are attached to the outer layer of the uterus by the uterine ligaments. Each ovary takes turns releasing an egg each month, however if one ovary is not working the the other one will take over completely. The ovaries also produce some hormones called estrogen and progesterone. Estrogen is responsible for all the sexual changes that occur in a woman when she goes through puberty. Progesterone and estrogen together are responsible for a woman's menstrual cycle.