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Oestrogen and Progesterone

All female hormones to do with reproduction and periods are linked to oestrogen and another hormone called progrestrone.

Where is it made?

It is made in the cells in a girl’s ovary, in the placenta during pregnancy, and also in small amounts in glands called the adrenal glands and in your body fat cells.

What does oestrogen do?

Makes your breasts grow during puberty and pregnancy; helps the ‘egg’ develop in a girl’s ovaries; helps keep your bones strong; make your body look the shape of a girl’s body; helps your sex drive if you are a girl; keeps your vagina moist; it might be involved in you getting acne and blackheads.

Do you find it anywhere else?

Yes it is one of the hormones with progesterone, in the oral contraceptive pill.

All About Progesterone

Progesterone is a female hormone produced in the ovary of a woman. The levels of this hormone varies during the woman’s monthly cycles and is also important during pregnancy. Artificially made progesterones are in different contraceptive pills.