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Not doing it!

A view from behind of a teenage couple holding hands by a lake
The majority of young people have NOT had sexual intercourse by the age of sixteen. It is illegal and most young people who have had sex under the age of 16 say that they regretted it and wished that they hadn't. You certainly should not feel pressurized into it by your girl friend or boyfriend or your peers. In fact only about one in four girls and one in three boys have had actual sexual intercourse by the age of 16. So you can and should absolutely say 'no' if you don't want to have sex. There are also a large number of very sexy things that you can do with your partner without having sexual intercourse itself - kissing, hugging, touching one another are amongst them. The huge advantage is that you are much less likely to get pregnant or to get a sexually transmitted disease doing these things rather than having sexual intercourse. But, but, but - even if you do decide to abstain from having sex you should try and learn as much as you can about having sex and using contraception as you possibly can. The better informed you are the safer you are once you do decide to do it.

Most people under the age of 16 have not had sex