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Nose bleed

Two tissues on a desk with droplets of blood on them
Nose bleeds are very common, and are only very rarely a cause for concern. Causes of nose bleeds include colds (which can cause the skin lining the nose to become inflamed), nose-picking (honestly!), blowing your nose hard and injuries to the nose. If you should get a nosebleed the first thing to do is sit up and lean forward, unless you feel faint, in which case you should lie on your side. Then you should pinch the bit of the nose just below the hard bony bit, which will block the nostrils and which should, after a few minutes, usually stop the bleeding. Applying a cold flannel or some ice around the nose sometimes helps. You should get medical help (from your family doctor first or local Accident and Emergency department second) if the bleeding is really heavy, or does not stop with the above measures after about 20 minutes. Some people get nosebleeds frequently. In this case it is worth seeing your family doctor, as it may be there is a small blood vessel in the nose which can be easily cauterized (meaning 'stopped' and this can sting a bit) and which will often solve the problem. Occasionally people need to see a specialist at the hospital for further advice.