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Wednesday and trying to keep to my revision plan this evening - got this history business with Tudors and Stuarts and kings and things to do and will get head chopped off (ha, ha) if I don't do it, so no time to write - right?

8.00 dark time - Kate came round and had a sesh with sis Susie locked in her room. Tried to listen 'cos of that sex stuff that happened to Kate - but couldn't hear nuffin so can't tell you nuffin. Probably just been discussin David Becks I reckon.

But do reckon she should tell mum about it. I mean that poor 14 year old girl who was in de news last year about having an abortion and not being able to tell her mum about it because she reckoned that her mum wouldn't have let her. And then her mum finding out. And then she 'ad the abortion,and after all dat fuss now I fink I saw that she's pregnant again.

Reckon I and Susie could actually tell my mum anything anything if we 'ad to. Reckon that is what parents are for and they should always be listening and helpin.