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Maybe this hypochondriasis thing that I've got isn't as bad as I thought. Or maybe it's just lurking waiting to get me. Sort of 'foot and mind disease', instead of 'foot and mouth'. Tried looking it up on a website.
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Haines, P. (1994)Cognitive therapy by GPs cures hypochondriasis Full reference as in Counsel.Lit: GP 22 February 1994 Key words: GPs/Hypochondriasis/Cognitive Therapy/Health Beliefs/Referral/Hospital Treatment/Media' Summary: GPs could treat...

Hospital Treatment? Was too scared to read more. Perhaps it is a virus that rots your brain...though Sister Susie says I ain't got one. My ex - non girl friend Cills must've read my mind (or what's left of it) 'cos she rang this evening to see if I wanted to go out with her on a double date with my best mate Sam and his GF Beth - sometime. Told her I might not live long enough to make it 'cos of my 'hychondriasis' disease thing. Nuffin but laughter down the other end. Just no sympathy from girls nowadays. Began to puke at tea time so reckoned Cills will be sorry when die. Could be either meningitis or this hypochondriasis thing or, knowing me - both.