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Wednesday and opened an eye to see hairy close-up of carpet. Hangover like laser guided bomb being drilled through my brain. It was mum yelling at me to get up and come and 'discuss things' with her and dad before I went off to school. Not a lot of explaining to do really - Sam's parents went away for long a romantic pre-Valentine's getaway. This left Sam with house, drinks cupboard, stereo system and half of his friends coming round last night - results?.

lights torn out: 1
plates smashed: 4
glasses totalled: 18
empty gin, vodka and wine bottles which should have been full: 6
bedroom doors kicked in: 1
cigarette burns on the settee: 3
mysterious brown stains on kitchen walls (don't ask): 3
square feet of carpet visible under piles of streamers, ash, cans, etc: 2

Had plans to help clean up but at 3 a.m no one had the energy - was going to get up 6 a.m this morning and whip round there before school but me alarm must've failed - like hell.