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Remember my sis Sally (if not click on my 'site map' on the left, and then click on 'Sally'). She's the one I wanted to ask about contraception 'cos she knows so much, but was too embarrassed to. Well she's saving up for a motorbike - and I was expecting at very, very least a Harley Davidson with sofa for me on the back - and what's she brought - a MOPED! I'm dead, buried in shamed - I can't even be seen on street. Asked Dad if he could have an accident and back his van over it.

Thanks ALL for your email about 'mums'. Here's one of 'em:

i think mums are the best thing that has happened.if there was no mums there would be none of us! you can talk to them about anything well i can with my i think they are a big part in our life and everyboby needs a mum see you