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Wednesday and Sis Susie is better from her hayfever. There's bog paper in the loo and the house snot level has dropped. Susie's back to her usual gripey self. She said that she'd been into Dr. Ann's web page and downloaded a helpful chunk of hayfever tips which were:

·check the pollen forecast so you can be ready with your antihistamines!
·stay away from grassy areas
·take holidays by the sea
·close windows when someone's mowing the grass
·hot days means more pollen
·wear sunglasses outside
·avoid evening walks
·don't go wandering through fields of grass and hay in June and July
·keep the car windows closed

Personally seems to me that life wouldn't be much for anyone doing this lot....and any way I wear me shades all the time 'cos they make me look one cool dude.