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Typed d'is monday before going off to Paris, cos I didn't think I would be anywhere near a computer tomorrow. So dat survey that I was talking about in the newpaper asked if us 16 year olds thought that Prince Harry was cool like. Nearly half of the boys (53%) thought him uncool as did about one in three girls (36%) so bad luck Harry boy. Next question was how often we ate chips and we are a bad lot 'cos 69% of us ate d'em at least twice a week. I blame my mum for me doing that. Oh and told Mr Roger's, me form master at school, that about one in three of us think that the teaching quality in our school had improved. Told him that I wouldn't say that of his teaching though. He tried to kick me but was 'spectin it and got out just in time. Said I would report him to the head for attempted grevious bodily harm.