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Horrid, horrid, horrid all day yesterday and worser today. Terrible headache. Told mum that now I think it is probably meningitis. She was on de phone 2.5 secs flat to the doc. Doc came to visit and I told her the headaches were probably actually due to mum and dad arguing all the time. She looked at my eyes with a light, and bent me head forward, and told me I didn't have a brain tumour or meningitis cos with the meningitis it would have hurt worse when I bent my head forward. It was just de 'flu' and probably de 'swine flu' thing at that. I'm not going to die, so read about dis survey on drug taking in England and Wales. Reckon that of young people aged 16-24 45% had tried an illegal drug at least once, 26% in the last year and 16% in the last month. Cannabis was the most used drug followed by cocaine which is now more popular than ecstasy, though what seemed most interestin was that there was a fall in cannabis use in all age groups since the law was relaxed a couple of years ago. Says summat doesn't it?