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Wednesday. Had Email from ex non girlfriend Cills yesterday. Reckon she is now a bit less 'ex' though.

Dear lovely person Pete. I do lead you 'alf a dance and dunno why I do it. Sorry, sorry, sorry. Can we get back together again because I really miss u. Love Cills.

Hey life is great innit an she should be at tonight's party. Dat article in the paper yesterday said we should go for 'quality not quantity' with sex - and though I reckon that Cills in 'quality' but I've got no quantity at all......yet...none.
Mum and Dad having BIG argument this morning about who loves Gordon Brown less. Mum reckoned Tony Blair and Bush baby made the chances of terrorism worse and the USA was just after the oil. But anyhow Bush baby is now gone and good riddens and Obama is here - HOPE HOPE HOPE. Dad is reckoning GordOn is a pest in need of controlling and he isn't doin enough for the recssion thing (even if it is offically 'over') specially as I have no money in the bank. Maybe I could ask him for a loan of a million or so whilst he is handing de stuff out. Dunno though meself, as I've not enough brain left over from my Cills confusions to think about anything else.