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Wednesday - struggled to surface this morning with moment of blind panic 'cos of the exams and I thought I'd overslept but it was just mum screaming at me to get up. Sis Susie wasn't up to her grub this morning at breakfast so told her that a medical report said that she and her friends were too thin with anorexia 'cos they were all 'slaves to fashion' cos of those thin models....though have to admit to fancying Kate Moss specially when she wears everything see through like.....though she's a bit old 4 me. Thoughts of coming geography exam makes me so nervouse I want to puke, and at least I now know where Rio de Janeiro is!
Dad and Mum in a total depression over the Labour party's showing in the recent elections. They reckon that the Labour party is the only one that really cares about everyone being a bit more equal in this world and I agree with them.