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Oh forgot to say that last Sunday like at Easter - Dad fixed an Easter egg hunt - never found a thing, but Sis Susie did and refused to let me have one choc bit, and made herself sick eating everything herself so serves her right even if this evening did talk to her again about her being teased and all (didn't let on about having read her email but did say that I had heard her talkng to sis Sally). Apparently she's been thinking of going to the school counsellor when the hols are over and asking her to pull her friends in and stop them from 'harrassing'. But she was afraid that her friends would get mad at her and wouldn't talk to her. Sally said she'd seen an article in the paper about 'one in four teens' is victim to text message bullying. Dunno whether this has happened to Sis Susie - not had it myself yet, but don't let that tempt you - no way.