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Sunday and stopping my panic (see my diary yesterday)'cos was given brilliant revision sheet at school friday which I hadn't bothered to look at.... I'm soooo generus here it is for you lucky peeps. If you know a better one - email me please.

Revision Plan

1) Don't panic.
2) Count up the total number of days between now and the exams.
3) Allow 3 hours a day for revision and multiply that by the number of days you have. That's the total number of hours you have. Then divide it by the number of subjects.
4) Give equal time to each subject that you are being examined on.
5) Accept that you cannot revise everything so set priorities in those subjects which you consider most important and that you know least about.
6) Alternate revising stuff that you know best and know least best, to prevent yourself from getting depressed
7) Only work for an hour at a time and then have a break because after an hour your brain doesn't concentrate so well.

Personally my brain doesn't work so well after about 10 minutes. Actualy read that the best thing really for my panic might be to walk in the local park. 9 out 10 people with depression said that they felt improved after taking a good walk - something for us panicing peeps there I reckon.