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Saturday. REAL STRUGGLE 'cos of my busted arm. Am pissed off cos I'm stuck at home. What happened is I went round to Sam's couple of days ago and he'd left his mountain bike outside and I thought I'd have a go. Went down a totally steep old hill near us. I wass doing about 10000 miles an hour in 21st gear and then I pulled on the brake. Didn't know that a) Sam?s brakes are ultra-modern and brill and b) Sam?s bike is American and has the left and right brake levers connected up the wrong way round. So I tugged on the left lever to work the back brake, but the front wheel locked up and went with me bum over me head over de handcdlebars. As I landed heard a crack and then all went black.

Woke in the ambulance with me head hurting like hhell ? worsa than the worst hangover like I had after last Sunday's binge with Sam. Felt faint as the ambulance bounced along and keptwoozing in an out. No siren blaring so I asked the paramedic why and he said that it's only was for real emergencies, or if they were desparate for a cup of tea)..