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Saturay. I hate having to do school work at weekends but panic, panic, panic English course work has to be in by the end of next week and the exams are after half term. 'Cos I broke my arm (that's the falling of Sam's bike bit - check back in my diary guys) haven't been doin enough work so I'm in baaaad shit and massive catch up needed. So discussed with me Mum as not sure Dad even knows I'm taking exams. Mum said to do 'the best I can' - fuuuunnnnyyy as I not going to do the worst I can am I?
Sis Susie is almost back to her stupid normal self again. Wish she still had glandular fever.when she was stuck in bed with all those girly mags for me to read.

Oh and Mrs Smellie said at school today that only one in 3 boys and one in 4 girls have actually done IT (like the 'sex' bit u 'information technology' nerds) by the age of 16, which can't be true - 'cos looking round our class could only see two boys (apart from me)who'ed say they hadn't done it. Reckon rest must just be lying.