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One fing I long 4 after Christmas 'cos all my mates have one is a Mac Nano but costs a wacking amount of dosh - and I just don't have that kind of dosh. Even Dad said 'no' in spite of his National lottery winnings. Looked up about this diabetes thing on the site that my ex GF Cill's new luuuuuuuuv's got in case I should need to get it - 2 get her back with me - but turns out it's not catching and it don't look like the kind of thing I'd want, 'cos once you have it, you have it. Have to look for something else that she'll feel sorry for me over…………………..don't think acne would get much of her sympathy - so what about 'over erogenousity'. That should do it?
Oh and K emailed me about me relationship with Cills - thanks K - can see that you r all sympathy! 'y wud u wanna marry that girl Pete I love u loads more!! r u real? K. Me 'real' ya bet I am real.