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Monday - sorry Peeps, have been sort of 'out of it' the last couple of days. Thought I had this meningitis thing, but just toooooooo much stress I reckon. Back in order now though. Me sister Susie's girl friends are something else. They arrived at 6pm looking like sexlets. Don't know about this sex abuse thing, when they dress up like that.... but O.K so us men should control ourselves. They disappeared to the bathroom to do their nails all holographic like. Still there an hour later and Dad and I were bursting so had to go and pee in the garden. Dad had a quick fag 'It's coming to something when a man can't use his own bathroom in his own house, son', he muttered between drags.So much for him giving up on 'no smoking' day last week.

Me older sister Sal sat there all evening eating mayonnaise out of the Hellman's jar. No wonder there's never any for my school samwhiches. I wonder if it's PMT?