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Monday and feel real depressed. Dunno why. Things just not going right. No girl friend, my friend Sam has asthma and even then came second last friday, in the 100 metres running race. Maybe its the steriods he has to take. Told him he'll get doped tested one day and anyhow didn't steroids make your bits shrink if you're a bloke. Sam's dad says that that's a different kind of steroid call 'anabollocks' or summat.

Susie had her friend Rachel over. She's this girl who has cebreral, no, cerebral palsy in her legs or something like that. She zooms around the place in a wheelchair with the tyres squealing on our floors like she's that Hamilton F1 bloke driving a racing car. I'd never talked to her before but she's O.K, but she says that she's treated like stupid by some people.