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I hate to repeat meeself and I know that you will 'ate me for it but dat review by dat bloke last week from the National CHildren's Bureau was so, so, so great 'ad to put in again here 'cos actually I am really down and I need to boost me ego like. SO here it goes again....

This site is a really informative cool site. Teenage Health Freak talks
about sex, drugs, alcohol and much more. It gives you lots of options to
choose from and is laid out in a really simple way. You can find out lots
of things that you may be too scared to ask your teachers/parents/friends.
It even has a place where you can e-mail your questions in. If you are
worried about your health, your body growth or having sex go to this
website! It really is the best site around for teenager health issues.

I give this website 5/5 stars!!

Now dat review was done by David Harris who is aged 17 and if ya meet dis guy give him a big thank you from me.