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Monday evening and meant to be revising. Last week found that I couldn't understand half the GCSE work. Fink that school expects miracles of me and when I do wrong work they accuse me of not listening enough or not trying hard enough.
Hey peeps, know all that AIDs stuff I put in yesterday - well even more bad news today in 'nother newspaper. Dad keeps giving me these things to read 'cos he thinks it will make me behave meself. Was all about this Chlamydia bacterial infection thing. One gets it with having sex and it blocks the girls fallopin tube things or summat so that the can't have babies. Turns out in girls in London aged 16 - 19 its gone up by three times as much in the last 5 years. Told my sister Sal about it, given she changes her boyfriends bout once a month. She said she didn't want babies anyhow. I said that was really mean as I wanted some nephews and nieces thanks very much.