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Saturday and me broken arm is hurting like s***t (your too young to hear that) but hasn't stopped me from another email intercept from Sister Susie

Dear Jane

reckon she's gone off Kate,

Had a stomach ache today. Wondered if I was starting at last, especially as I felt a bit wet down there but it was only that vaginal stuff that Sally says is normal. Oh yes, I didn't tell you about my chat with Sally, did I? Mum and Dad were out looking after Auntie Flo and trying to clean out her fridge. Wandered into sister Sal's room to try on a bra or two but she was in there reading. We got talking and I said how fed up I was that I hadn't started yet. 'You don't want to worry about that', she said, 'it's messy and 'orrible'. I said I couldn't help worrying about it since it was, like, going to happen anyway. Like, what if it came on while I was swimming or something? Or in class and it all splurged down my legs and all the boys would laugh?

Then she showed me how to put a tampon in. I always thought that if you pushed them up too far you'd lose them. Sally laughed and said she hadn't lost one yet.
Must thank dad giving me a 'y' chromosome so I don't have to get into all this!