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Sorry Peeps, I know it's boring but got to go back to me zits.Went to the chemist's after school today for yet anuva zit cream to add to the one that mum got me. He 'ad this long leaflet all about this stuff that causes zits called sebum (no - no jokes about seeing my bum please). Turns out that our teenage 'ormone things makes our skin pump out this greasy stuff like there's no tomorrow.
Then it said 10 vital facts about treating acne. Like....

it is normal - 70% of people get it. So how do they call it normal when it makes you look like pizza?

It usually disappears between the ages of 16 and 25. Great - O.K like that is forever

It isn't catching - so who did I catch it from then?

Don't squeeze the spots because you might get them infected. Takes away the one bit of fun If you can't resist fiddling with them, at least wash your hands and stick to the blackheads. Oops - didn't read this bit and couldn't

zit face the rest, you'll have to ask - as there seems to be about a thousand other people with the same problem.