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Bad day at school today. Mrs Smellie moved me to the front of the class, 'cos she said she needed to keep a better eye on me 'cos I had 'slacking'. Actually think I got move 'cos I had been keeping an eye on me girlfriend Cills very eyeable bod, since she had been put next to me at the beginning of term. Was totally t'amazed to find that I could suddenly actually READ what Smellie wrote on the board when I was at the front of the class, but Cills was all out of focus when I turned round to look at her bits at the back of the class. Told mum when I got home - about me eyesight that was, not about the bits of Cill's bod. Told her that I had seen the school nurse about it and would have a special eye test at school this Saturday morning even though there were no classes.