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By the way everyone out there - turned out I got top marks for my holiday homework on condoms and the pill and sexually transmitted infections. Either Dad or me is brilliant. Even better is that Sam's dad found a bit in one of his medical journals about some doctors who asked all the kids that came to see them for some illness - about their favourite words for their willies and vaginas. Told Mr Rogers about it and he said that that the doctors must just have a dirty mind. Lucky I have dirty mind too.
Here are some of the words they found kids used for their penises:
Willy, cock, knob, knob end, winkle, dinkle, willie warbler, twinkle, din-a-ling, diggle, big worm, prick, tail, wotsit, privates, winkler, dilly dat, little man, hosepipe, nudger, dick, tinkle, bobbit, wrinkly.

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