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O.K - I don't know about you guys but I was back at me school again today, and me girlfriend Cills is at it again. She can't make up her mind (does she have one I wonder) whether she wants to be my girlfriend or not in 2009. I reckon she's on and off me more times than she on and off the lav (she had that 24 hr squitter thing last week with throwing up - seems like one half the world knows Cills has it and the other half 'as had it themselves). What really messes up my mind is that she thinks she may have fallen in luuuuuuuuuvvvvvvvv with her first cousin Jem, whose got diabetes when she was away with her Uncle and Aunt over Christmas. Says it's 'cos he's a fun person - which I suppose means that I'm not. All depressed again.