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Remember: this drug is illegal!
LSD is an artificial chemical called Lysergic Acid Diethlyamide. The real stuff is extremely powerful with only a tiny amount being needed to produce a very strong effect. It comes as a liquid which is dropped onto small squares of blotting paper or card, or on sugar lump. The big problem is that you never know how much you are actually getting - as with many illegal drugs. Stuff sold as LSD is likely to contain either non-LSD stuff or big doses of it. And once you've taken some, there is no way back for hours. LSD was made from the ergot fungus by chemist Albert Hofmann. He didn't think it was interesting until five years later some LSD liquid got on his fingers. He licked them and suddenly came over all spacey... In medieval times ergot fungus would sometimes attack crops. The villagers would make bread from the contaminated flour and then the whole village would go mad as trumpets for a while.