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'Love' can be very tricky. It can certainly be the most wonderful feeling in all the world , and as a result is one of the most written about subjects in novels, magazines, plays etc. It is also one of the most over used and abused words around! So what does the term 'love' actually mean in reality? The answer is that it means very different things to different people at different times. Most of 'love' is a kind of delicious rich mixture of a whole lot of different feelings - trust, affection, friendship, respect, longing, lust and much more besides. At different times when you are 'in love' these different aspects of love will be stronger or weaker. They can even change from minute to minute, hour to hour, and day to day. Love can be as fickle as hell and as painful as hell and yet at the same time people have been known to 'love' one another for an entire lifetime. To be in love is totally wonderful. To be loved is bliss. To fall out of love is hideous. To be no longer loved is a total disaster. Most people, during a lifetime, will experience all these different feelings. There is no rush for love - and it often tends to happen at the most unexpected of times.

How do you recognise it when you 'fall in love'?

Well it really is almost impossible to describe except by saying that it makes everything feel right in your world, and when you fall 'out' of love - everything feels miserable.