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A teenage boy and teenage girl kissing.
There are lots and lots of different types of kissing.
  • There is being kissed by a hairy uncle or aunt (Yuggghhhhh!)
  • You can be kissed by the pope on top of your head
  • You can be kissed goodnight by your mum or dad
  • There is the greetings kiss when you put your cheek against someone and kiss air
  • There is the ‘parting kiss’ which is like the ‘greetings’ kiss
  • There is kissing babies who can smell delicious
  • And then ……… there is the sexy kiss which can be anything from lips to tongue to tonsils!
But don’t let someone else’s tongue inside you unless you really want it - you never know where it has been!

What you can catch from kissing

  • cold sores, so don’t kiss anyone with nasty sores on their mouth
  • glandular fever – which is also known as the ‘kissing’ disease
  • colds and coughs can be caught this way
It is worth noting that it is very unlikely/ that you would ever get AIDs by kissing.