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Is it legal to smoke cannabis?

A pair of hands. One holds a cannabis joint while the other holds a lighter.
Remember: this drug is illegal!
NO - ABSOLUTELY NOT and in fact cannabis has, as of January 2010 been reclassified up from a class C drug to a class B drug. This means that the penalities for both using it and possessing it have got a great deal more severe. The Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs (AMCD) thought that cannabis should remain a class C drug but the government decided to reclassify the drug as a class B drug in spite of the the AMCD advice. The Advisory Council on the Misusue of Drugs (AMCD) did find that:
a) there are many forms of cannabis available nowdays which are a great deal stronger that cannabis used to be - for example SKUNK b) That there is some evidence that cannabis can worsen the symptoms of schizophrenia c) It does appear that some of the new hybrid types of cannabis increase the chances of mental illness in young people d) there is a fear that 'binge smoking' of cannabis may increase the the chances of getting mental health problems.

So what has happened about the law and cannabis?

Cannabis has been changed from being a class C drug back to being a class B drug.