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A green first aid kit with a white cross on a desk
A First Aid kit
Injuries to people are really extremely common (as you will probably already have experienced yourself), and range from the minor cuts, grazes and bruises we all get from time to time, to the much more serious and sometimes life-threatening than can occur from a range of things like car accidents. Most minor injuries can be treated at home, so long as you have a good First Aid kit (this is a really sensible thing to have – go and check that their is one in the house now! If not - ask your parents to buy one so that it is available to all the family). If you are worried that you cannot deal with an injury that you have at home, but not so worried that you need to go to hospital, then you should go and see your family doctor or nurse, who can then decide what needs to be done. If the injury is serious, such as a possible broken bone, a nasty cut which won’t stop bleeding, or a head injury, etc, then you need to go quickly to the Accident and Emergency department at your nearest hospital.