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Inflammation of the inner ear

This is due to inflammation or infection of the middle part of your ear behind your ear drum which separates the outer part of your ear from the inner part. It is most commonly caused by infection with viruses, bacteria or funguses.

How do you know you have it?

Fluid and pressure build up behind your ear drum and can cause you intense pain. This pressure can build up to a degree that bursts your ear drum and you get a pussy discharge from your ear in bad cases.

How can you stop getting it?

Vaccination in childhood against a bacterium called Pneumococcus helps reduce the incidence of ear infections. Avoiding any tobacco smoke helps. Being breast fed also helps not getting it.

How to treat it if you have got inflammation of the outer canals of your ears.

Taking paracetamol helps with the pain. In two out three cases of inner ear infections, the infection will go away without treatment. However antibiotics from your family doctor can be used if the pain goes on longer. If you get recurrent attacks of infection of your inner ear then it may be recommended that you have tiny tubes put in to your ear through your ear drum which helps drain away any fluid in your inner ear.