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If you've got diarrhoea

Water being poured from a bottle into a glass tumbler
Image courtesy of Zsuzsanna Kilian
If you have diarrhoea the following things will help:
  • To begin with - don't eat anything you probably won't want to anyway. A few days without food won't kill you and it is very effective in stopping the 'runs'
  • Do keep drinking - lots of little drinks. Fizzy water, coke and lemonade are fine but stay off milky drinks - they may make you feel worse.
  • When you start to feel better, start eating again. But avoid large or fatty meals to start with. Just little, low fat, meals - like a little toast with some thin soup

You may need to call the doctor if:

  • the diarrhoea doesn't clear up in 48 hours
  • you're still being sick after 24 hours
  • your tummy really hurts
  • there's blood or mucus (slimy stuff) in your diarrhoea
  • you've just got back from holiday abroad