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How do you know if you're stressed?

A boy looking unhappy with his hand to his head.
Well even if you might not know - everyone around will! You might...
  • Get grumpy
  • Lose your sense of humour (assuming you had one in the first place!)
  • Feel tired all the time
  • Find it difficult to get to sleep
  • Go off your food or overeat
  • Get very jumpy
  • Have difficulty in concentrating
  • Be unable to decide what you want to do or make decisions.
If you are very, very anxious then you might:
  • Get sweaty hands
  • Get butterflies in your tummy
  • Feel hot and cold
  • Want to pee all the time
  • Feel that you are going to crap in your pants
  • Feel sick
  • Feel your heart beating harder and fast.

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