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Some people are short and some people are tall and most of us are somewhere in the middle. At puberty everyone grows but some of us grow more than others. Just look round your school and your friends to see the variation in heights in people of the same age. How tall you will finally grow will depend on:
  • How tall your parents are – if they are tall you are more likely to be tall, if they are short you are more likely to be short
  • Your hormones – particularly a hormone called ‘growth hormone’
  • How healthily you eat
  • Whether you are a boy or a girl
During the teenage years there is no exact right height for weight or weight for height. This is for several reasons:
  • Different people have different body types – some are more muscular, some are tall and slim, some are more bony.
  • As adolescents go through puberty the amount of fat, bone and muscle in their bodies change and fat actually weighs less than muscle and bone.
  • At the start of puberty adolescents tend to have a growth spurt when they grow taller and may not grow fatter, so things may well depend on what stage of puberty you are at.
From this you can see that it can be perfectly normal for two people of the same height to have quite different weights.

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