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Haemorrhoids (Piles)

You normally have a network of blood vessels around your anal (bottom) canal where you poo from. In their normal form, these blood vessels help to form a cushion between your skin and your poos as your poos come out.

When you have haemorrhoids or piles these vessels can become inflamed, painful , itchy and swollen. They may even burst and then you get bright red blood on your poos. At other times your blood may clot in these veins and form hard lumps.

What causes them?

No one is sure exactly why some people get piles and others do not, but there are some things which seems to make things worse. These include being fat, sitting for long periods of time, having constipation or diarrhea, taking a lot of exercise, being pregnant, and getting old!

How to stop getting them

Eating a diet high in fibre – like fruit and unprocessed cereals helps you to stop getting them, as does drinking lots of fluid.

If you think you have got them – then......

If you think that you have piles, then go down to your local chemist and ask which cream they think will you most. If one does not work, do not give up, but try another one. If you are in real pain and you are bleeding from your anus, than please, please go and see your doctor.