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Genital warts

Illustration of genital warts on both a man and woman
Illustration of genital warts
Warts on your willy and around the vaginal opening are called 'genital' warts for obvious reasons. They are caught by having sex with someone who has genital warts themselves. Unfortunately you may not always know that the other person has genital warts as they are not always all that obvious that you can see them at first glance! This is why you should use condom - which does stop you getting warts - either a girl getting them from a boy, or boy getting them from a girl - as long as the condom is put on right from the start and correctly. If you think that you have genital warts then go and see your doctor, or go to a Genito-Urinary clinic at your local hospital as you will also need to be checked out for other sexually transmitted infections.