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Genital warts

Illustration of genital warts on both a man and woman
Illustration of genital warts

What goes wrong

You get warts on your privates, which look horrible.

It's caused by

Having sex with someone who has genital warts themselves. The warts come from a virus called the 'Human Papilloma Virus'. In all there are over 40 different types of this virus - some of which cause warts on your fingers and verrucas on your feet, and others which can cause cancer of the cervix (neck of the womb). Other wart viruses don't cause any obvious troubles. They're all different, though - finger warts don't give you genital warts. Though some strains of genital warts are linked to cervical cancer, they are not the genital sort you see on the outside of the genitals.

How not to get it

If it's got warty lumps on it, don't sleep with it. Though it can be difficult to tell as people can have the wart virus present but not have visable warts. Always use a condom if you want to avoid getting warts and you are making love to someone that you do not know.

What to do if you do get it

Warts can be tricky to treat but it is worth seeing a doctor who can recommend the best treatment for the type of warts you have.

Get checked out for other sexually transmitted diseases too.

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