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Facts about abortion

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There are few subjects which raise more emotion in people than that of abortion. The arguments rage backwards and forwards from abortion is murder to it is the right of every woman to have an abortion if she wants one. These arguments all have some truth in them, but dealing with the facts:
  • Abortion of foetuses up to the 24th week of pregnancy is legal in England, Scotland and Wales (in Northern Ireland is only legal in exceptional circumstances).
  • Abortion is available in these countries subject to the approval of two doctors.
  • 190,000 legal abortions are carried out in Britain every year.
  • 90% of abortions are carried out before 12 weeks of pregnancy.
Further facts are:
  • Legal abortion is very safe for the pregnant woman, and there is very little risk to your health particularly if you have the abortion early on in the pregnancy.
  • Legal abortion does not normally interfere with you having a baby later on in life.
  • Legal abortion is free on the National Health Service in England, Scotland and Wales.