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Epilepsy is having recurrent ‘fits’ or ‘seizures’ caused by a sudden burst of excess electrical activity in your brain which interrupt your normal brain activity

Who suffers from epilepsy?

Although babies, children and adolescents can suffer from it, epilepsy is more common in grown ups as they get older. During their lifetime about 3 in every 100 people will have a seizure at one time or another.

What causes epilepsy?

There are different causes of epilepsy that are common at different ages.

  • In babies seizure can be caused by lack of oxygen to the brain during childbirth, brain infection, bad damage to the head, inherited brain disorders
  • In young children seizures associated with high fever is relatively common..
  • During adolescence and adulthood, the causes are more likely to be due to brain damage like having and accident and damaging your head badly. They may also occur with illegal drug use and alcohol withdrawal. Other causes include stress, brain infections, cancers of the brain.

How do you treat epilepsy?

Just as there are many different types of epilepsy, so there is a wide range of medicines to treat different types. The fact is that most people will be able to take a medicine that will stop their epilepsy, but they may have to take the medicine for a long time. If you have a friend who is epileptic – do not be afraid – just treat them like any other person, but listen to what they have to say about their seizures.

What to do if you see someone having an epileptic seizure…

If you see someone having a seizure you should roll them onto their side to prevent any fluids, or sick, in their mouth getting into their lungs. You should make sure that they cannot damage themselves on any hard objects around them. Put a cushion or something soft under their head. Call for medical help.