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Effects of ecstasy

Cross section of the brain with a swirly multicoloured background

Remember: this drug is illegal!
E causes your pupils to dilate, your jaw muscles to tighten (and your jaw to move around in a strange way - something people call gurning), your body temperature to rise and your heart to race. It can cause anxiety, panic attacks, confused episodes and paranoid or psychotic states. It can affect the hormones in your body - dancing a lot whilst on E makes you feel hot and makes you drink water and there have been deaths due to drinking too much water which causes water intoxication. E can also cause liver and heart failure - both of which can kill you. If you have epilepsy taking an E can be fatal. Large amounts of E damage your brain's serotonin system permanently - people can then suffer long term depression and personality changes.

There have been over 200 deaths due to ecstacy in the last 10 years in the UK